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UX Research and the Acagamic Lens with Dr. Lennart Nacke | S3: E7

Daniel A. Kaufmann, Ph.D
Dr. Gameology on Twitch & The Gaming Persona Podcast
Owner of Area of Effect Counseling

The Gaming Persona welcomes Dr. Lennart Nacke to talk about his work in UX Research and how it continues to help shape the design of games millions of players enjoy playing.

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Metroid Dread, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Persona 3 Portable, God of War Ragnarök, Jackbox Games, The Legend of Zelda, Elden Ring, WWE 2K22, Final Fantasy XIV Online

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The Acagamic Online Courses and More by Lennart Nacke – https://www.acagamic.com/

Deterding, S., Dixon, D., Khaled, R., & Nacke, L. (2011, September). From game design elements to gamefulness: defining” gamification”. In Proceedings of the 15th international academic MindTrek conference: Envisioning future media environments (pp. 9-15).

Nacke, L. E., & Deterding, S. (2017). The maturing of gamification research. Computers in Human Behavior71, 450-454.


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