Roleplaying Games & Immersive Storytelling | S3: E6

Daniel A. Kaufmann, Ph.D
Dr. Gameology on Twitch & The Gaming Persona Podcast
Owner of Area of Effect Counseling

Roleplaying Games & Immersive Storytelling

Dr. Gameology is joined by both cohosts to talk about memorable experiences from playing roleplaying games (RPG’s). Topics involve some of the greatest hits from our time as players, game structure, research findings, and exploring the impact of diagesis.

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God of War: Ragnarök, Portal, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic / The Old Republic, Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy XIV / Final Fantasy Tactics, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat

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Hitchens, M., & Drachen, A. (2009). The many faces of role-playing games. International journal of role-playing, 1(1), 3-21.

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