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Random Topic Generator 3 | S3:E19

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Random Topic Generator 3

This week, Dr. Gameology and crew return to the recording studio to do random topic 3.  They go everywhere from Star Wars to Resident Evil, and end up some how on Space Mountain. Come listen to the chaos and support the show!

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Random Topic 3

What are we talking about from the world of video games today?

Um, everything. This is a Random Topic Generator so we’re just gonna have a hodgepodge of topics on what life has been like in the past few weeks.

Yeah, we had a few messages the last two days. But this is the first real communication for all three of us. Yes. So this is so rusty that people will watch the battle between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader on the Death Star and think that they were showcasing their talent.


…because it’s kind of the lamest lightsaber fight in all of Star Wars, but it’s also the first lightsaber fight in all of Star Wars. And also they hadn’t they hadn’t fought in a long time. So they were rusty like us.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. I get the comparison.

I argue the final fight between Rey and Kylo is.

Like the one where the helmet of Darth Vader switches planets and rolls around on the ground?


That’s cool Gene.


They were fighting from different places what’s wrong with that? Because of their spiritual bond in the Force!

I think that’s pretty cool. Just saying…

If that’s what they wanted to do, they didn’t need to make it a lightsaber fight.

You want them to like oh wait that would be a movie that would sell actually that movie probably does sell it just probably doesn’t sure Adam Driver and it’s got a different rating probably a different Mr. Driver. Or I’m sorry, that’s not their final fight. Their final fight is the one that happens on the Death Star.

Yeah, the Death Star.

Okay. I like the one where they’re phasing in and out of Kijimi and the star destroyer.

Okay, no, yeah, that one was okay. The Death Star was nonsensical.

You don’t like the Super Dragon Ball Z jumps across the gaps of water?

And but with that sort of ultimately zero purpose.

See, I disagree with you on switches kind of surprising. The only thing that I wish was different in that whole sequence is I wish she would have actually turned her lightsaber on and fought herself in the Sith closet.

Better than this Rey and Kylo fight because the rank Kylo fight is ultimately nullified by him. Well, just getting shut down by layout really.

Right. Well, then, yeah, I mean, he gets he gets redeemed by redoing his memory of his dad, which I think that’s beautiful. Let’s stop. Let’s stop right here.

I disagree with you Gene. I think it was all great. Everything is awesome.

Self-rationalization of a school shooter.

Voldemort’s a school shooter, I guess. Yeah. Okay. Are we sure we want to add all of that to what we’re talking about on our wonderful psychology-of-video-games podcast?

Video games do not turn you into a school shooter like Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren’s motivation is that he does not like his…

Un-checked religious motivation does…

If we go about the dumb comic explanation, he just doesn’t like his name. Okay, Kylo Ren is the worst Star Wars comic that exists?

It’s not very good. The information you get from the movies, and then how very certain point of view that is in the comics is not great. It would have been much better if he just went and destroyed Luke’s temple and then found the like, and the Knights of red I think should have just been the Jedi that he didn’t kill and decide like, we like the same kind of helmets and the same color. And, and that’s that. Okay, now, I am going to shock both of you. Because there have been moments in the history of our show, where I have taken shots at certain elements of the sequel trilogy. And have really wrestled in fact, you could say that I am not on Ootini cast anymore because of the sequel trilogy. You could also say that…

That game has become not good.

I left before it became even more not good. You could even argue that I’m playing Final Fantasy 14 Now as my permanent research game because of the sequel trilogy, because I took myself so seriously as a paper grader who likes continuity of ideas. And the more I thought about the sequel trilogy, it just turned me to the dark side and I’m It caused a hole in my spirit to exist.

Was that the dark side? I feel like dark side would be the other way around. Because in a continuity where, where a Palpatine is the hero of the galaxy?

No, she chose to be a Skywalker Gene. All right. Let me finish my story. I went to Star Wars Celebration in London, which was so wonderfully organized and amazing compared to the ones I’ve been at in Orlando in Anaheim. And I was only there for about half of the con day because it is my sixth Star Wars Celebration, and I don’t need to be there all day anymore. I’m too old to be a part of that.

Train to sleep on the ground, too.

There is no sleep, there is no sleeping on the ground in London. Okay, that’s ridiculous American nonsense right there. And, and so it was just very positive, it was fun. I got to shoot Sith lightning out of my fingers. I put the video of that in the discord. Which was just such a cool moment for me. I mean, it’s just a prop that lights up. But that was my class, everybody. And I just, it was such a cool moment. And I had a nine-and-a-half-hour flight to come home from Dublin to Orlando. And what did I decide to do that I have never done before. I watched The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and the rise of Skywalker in one sitting with only like five-minute breaks in between with the idea that I am done being upset that Palpatine is the right answer. I’m going to why I’m gonna watch these movies as if Palpatine is the right answer the whole time.

Interesting thought experiment.

Yes. Because think about it. My upsetedness is because of all the cool ideas I had in 2015 about what is going on in The Force Awakens because Han knows Leia knows and Maz Kanata finds out and you know, they know, and you do not know because it’s 2015. But now we know because it’s not 2015 anymore. And I will just say the people who think that that trilogy is trash, especially because of the last Jedi episode eight are still watching it as if it is 2015 or 2017. And if you watch it like it’s 2023 and Ahsoka is about to give us Grand Admiral Thrawn as the Heir to the Empire. Meaning Star Wars is about to get really fun, everybody. I think it’s fine. I mean, it’s not my favorite trilogy. The prequels still are.

I think that Thrawn angle actually makes the the premise of the sequel trilogy worse. Because why would you go through of operations center and destroy the entire fleet, if you want Thrawn to have the fleet?

I think that there’s competing factions of the Empire at that five to seven year period after Return of the Jedi and operation Cinder, which, maybe Are you watching the Mandalorian right now, Gene?

Not right now. I will okay.

They’re kind of putting the pieces together about some resurrection cloning plot. That will lead to about Okay. So that’s a long shot, and there might be Imperials that don’t believe that’s actually going to work. So Thrawn actually exists, so maybe we should destroy the New Republic. Now. That’s my guess. I’m just really enjoying Star Wars for the first time. In the gaming personas life, I’m really enjoying Star Wars.

If nothing else, Andor was really good.

I did too. I really did.

So like I mean, Boba Fett was a really low point. So that was that’s where I thought that the whole franchise has truly died when Boba Fett came.

You know, I’m sitting here and I’m like, I never I watched the first season of Mandalorian. And then I just fell off. I haven’t watched. I haven’t watched anything else. I didn’t watch the Boba Fett series.

Well, definitely don’t watch that if you want to

Boba Fett is season 1.5 of the Mandalorian and it’s fine.

Just don’t even watch the first five episodes. Just watch the last two because then you have a

You could actually do it if you don’t care about Boba Fett.

Because Boba Fett does nothing.

There are people who have been wearing Boba Fett T shirts since 1980, who probably had psychological orgasmic experiences over that show.

It’s really bizarre because everything of value is actually accomplished, accomplished by Fennec Shand.

She’s a really good character.

Yeah, she’s the actual military that I show in the show called Boba Fett.

The Book of Boba Fett. And maybe it’s not as self written. Story, maybe Fennec Shand is the author of the Book of Boba Fett?

But no, it’s a hit piece. But Fennec Shand wrote a book about how this is why I’m in charge.

Hey. Yeah, why not?

If it’s entertaining, it’s fine. No, I just I have I probably because of the sequels have completely fallen off of Star Wars stuff. And it made me sad. I was thinking today about Alright, it came up in my memories a couple days ago, the premiere of Obi Wan. Is that what it’s called the show?

Obi Wan Kenobi is just the name of the show. Okay.

And we like had this whole watch party we made like avocado toast and I made all these like, little cinnamon bun, like, pretzels, cheese things. And like, we were so excited. And then I just never watched another episode after

That show was so good.

And that’s the thing. Like, I don’t know what like my motivation is gone.

The way the final battle happens in that show, it really made me feel like Star Wars just ripped off limit breaks. You know, like they both like, after talking about the lightsaber battle in A New Hope, which I guess is 10 years after the lightsaber battle they have in that show. You would think that they both would show signs of getting older and just be in the middle like they’re not doing the flippy stuff from Revenge of the Sith, but they’re not, you know, getting off their walkers to swing a lightsaber for five minutes. But they did stuff with the force that was much more impressive than the acrobatics and Revenge of the Sith. And that surprised me. In a good way. I liked it a lot.

Luke wasn’t watching

Because Luke wasn’t watching? Yeah, oh my gosh, his head would have exploded if he would have.

People theorize Obi Wan was super lame to get Luke, you know, into the bad position he’s in. Like, don’t tell him how to fight. Don’t tell him about force lightning.

Oh, they want him to lose to the Emperor so that Anakin would come back, right? That’s the kind of mentorship I want to be for my students. Oh, man, that’s the worst theory ever Gene.

That’s a very strange thing, not telling him about the level of efforts go to move.

Force Lightning. Especially since episode eight shows the Yoda knows how to do it. Right. He could just sat on top of a tree and does screaming at him. We’re just talking about Star Wars, and not even video games. But Jedi survivor comes out very soon from our recording. Tonight. I think it’s next week. Is that right? I don’t know. Well, that’s going to be an amazing game. And I really miss streaming video games, but there are there are some more updates for me. This is our first episode back since mega con, and all three panels. I think I have successful recordings of the audio. So I will be putting together some videos as Patreon exclusives at least for a period of time Patreon exclusives for people who weren’t able would have come to Orlando and see the panels in the game topics were Elden Ring, Final Fantasy 14 and The Last of Us. So that’ll be a way to get to experience those panels. And then probably later in the year, depending on if there is still interest for them. I’ll look at other ways to use them as resources for the show. How are the panels how they were awesome to you, since that every single panel had people that hung back and talk to me for about 20 to 30 minutes. Cool. Yep. And I got some pictures with some Final Fantasy 14, cosplayers. Oh my gosh, I had a foot in my mouth moment, but it was so on brand for me and my relationship with one of the characters in the game that I didn’t even Yeah, I didn’t apologize. So AlphaGo AlphaGo was walking around with a blue mage. And they were talking to some of the asons in there good guy ASEAN robes from from end Walker when you go back in time and you see them with the robes and the masks hanging around their necks. These cosplayers are so passionate and like they’ve perfected their outfits. It’s amazing. They were sitting in a circle talking and I thought, well, this is my panel. I’m gonna walk up and talk to them about the panel though, let them deliver the panel and see if that’s interesting to them. So I did and then I just complimented the two blue mages, except one of them’s not a blue mage, it was Alphinaud. They said, Oh, okay, well, everyone who plays this game with me knows it’s totally on brand that I would do my best not to recognize Alphinaud.

He is the prototype blue mage. He just does everything on his own. And he’s not very good at it.

Yeah. But I think the cosplayer was used to getting some of that Alphinaud Non-love. Yeah. So they shrugged. They attended the whole panel. My insult, I guess was showed that I have actually played the game.

Good. That’s a good start.

You know what, though, I just want to say, Good, being able to have the people on my panels. So I brought out Andy Gibbons, who has done a whole video series with me at my university, Grand Canyon University. He took two or three classes with me, and I was his supervisor for his internship as well. And so he’s graduated. And so I was able to bring him out to Orlando. And have him be one of my panelists. And that was a really cool moment for me. Because with me teaching the way I do with it being online, and I’m not geographically in the same place. There are so many things that I did all the time in undergrad and grad school, like projects and presenting with my faculty that are just not part of my job. And to get a moment like that. Talking about Elden Ring was a really big deal for me, and I enjoyed it a lot. And so you know, Andy, if you’re listening, thanks for being available and open to saying yes, to my stupid idea of how am I going to get three people on this Elden Ring panel? Dr. Shane Tilton, friend of our show Dr. Chris Ferguson, friend of our show, Dr. Adam Baldowski astoryologist. We’ve done panels with them Jenny back in Central Florida Comic Con and mega Con last year. So just thank you, everyone, for making yourself available. It was really awesome this year. So yeah, that’s the mega con update. I actually have one that is actually there’s even bigger than Star Wars Celebration in London. And mega con is this is this has been a crazy two weeks. I am officially the newest board member of the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board. Cool. Cue the fanfare. I don’t know.

 What’s your rotation?

 I get to sit on more zoom calls and talk about things that will decide the fate of all counselors who want to pursue these certifications in the future.

All right. Make them beat Titan extreme.

And, Jenny, I think that you will definitely appreciate what I mean, when I say, I’m really excited to just think about what it’s like to receive that email in your inbox for certain past employers.

Yeah, that’s really cool.

But, but the reason I’m in that position actually is because of what I’ve been doing for them since the pandemic started, which coincided, coincidentally aligned with them starting their gaming, related trainings and certificates. So the video game stuff, which has always been my main thing, even when my jobs are about gambling or other mental health things, really is what helped me get where I was. And actually, I was having a conversation with a with a colleague earlier today, who mentioned how addictive MMO games like Final Fantasy 14 are and how they don’t add anything to your life. And I said, without losing a step that I completely disagree, because that game is one of the best, most mythological video game stories ever told, you actually get a lot from playing it. That would be like saying, reading Lord of the Rings doesn’t add anything to a person’s life. And I believe it does.

Right. I think that’s why it’s important for you to be on these boards, and making these decisions and influencing these people that think this way.

Yeah, I mean, it definitely can wreck your life. If your goal is to level 90 and max level gear, you know, more than one class more than two classes in the game and do things that make you lose track of time. Yeah. To where that is the only thing that you’re aiming to do. That just makes you a one note, human being and should your one note that you play in life be a video game. Maybe for some people, that works fine. I’m not in that situation. So I know it wouldn’t work for me very well. But I I just reject the idea that knowing things about a fictional story is a bad thing.

It Yeah, or you know,

Yeah, I think that so much of what we see, and who we choose to connect with, really does come down to our similarities in terms of what we think is interesting. In in life, and a lot of that is fiction. Or can start fictional until we find sorry, yeah, until we find nonfictional applications for it. Okay, well, that’s, I think that might be everything that has happened to me in the last three weeks. All right. So random topic generator. What’s going on with both of you?

Um, well, I, in the past few weeks have gotten over two different colds. Yeah, so I’ve honestly just been trying to breathe properly. And not suffocate in my sleep.

That would be bad, because then I’d have to find another co-host for the show who’s willing to come every Tuesday.

Exactly. So yeah, so I’ve been struggling a lot with that. And I can’t remember if we did, I think we talked about the cruises that I went on the

You met a tall lanky person who’s the shape of water.

Yes. Pan’s Labyrinth than the just the most wonderful person like wonderful celebrity I’ve ever met.

In the future. This is feedback from my listeners who I’m also related to and live with that next time when we meet a celebrity we should introduce their name in the first part of the conversation because what happened is, we didn’t actually say his name until like six or seven minutes after starting to talk about him. It was like a game in the car of if we’re even going to mention is?

That’s fine. You can you can wait for the good stuff.

All right. ADHD!

Right. Why does it matter? They’re either

It’s Jenny’s favorite humans, though. So she surely knows.

I’m not good with names of people like, typically, I’ll meet someone and your name will literally escape my brain immediately after meeting you.

I mean, you didn’t go to Star Trek cruises without watching any Star Trek in your life.

Exactly. I’ll look up his name and say it again. But yeah, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And then I’ve been looking forward to the new Magic the Gathering set that comes out. It comes out online today. But it doesn’t come out like the official tabletop doesn’t come out, I think until the 21st. Anyway, I have an appointment, and I appointment a date to play the game after we stopped recording. So I’m excited about it. I haven’t played any games in a while. And this is one of the last ones that I was spending a lot of time with. So we’re going to do a few different drafts, the set is called March of the machine, and a couple new mechanics being introduced, which usually is not my favorite thing. Because I, there’s so much to know, in this game, there’s too much to know in this game. So whenever there’s anything new, it’s exciting, because it’s like, Okay, how’s this gonna change gameplay for us? But it’s also like, just another thing I need to figure out and be confused about longer than everyone else, because everyone else seems to understand this stuff better than I do. So yeah, it’s called their battle mechanic or the battle card type. And it’s like, I’ve only read very little about it. And it to me, it just seems like an extra battle in your battle, which is like, seems a little unnecessary. But we’ll see. More on that when I start playing.

Okay. Oh, you know what, as far as video games, I haven’t gotten to talk with Gene about Resident Evil for remake. On the show, Gene. How many times have you beaten it? Ah, two, two, I’ve only one entire playthrough behind you.

Okay, well, yeah, my second one barely counts, right. It’s I blasted through, you know, New Game Plus professional mode with, you know, high powered weapons, just to just to unlock a thing for ranking. So second one barely counts. So that soon I’m going to do a new professional mode game to play it for reals. But yeah, the high rating requirements are very stringent. You basically like to get an A rank, you have to beat the game in under seven hours. So it’s like, yeah, it doesn’t go in there with, you know, max level Handcannon. And just know everyone down. It’s the only way you can do it.

Yeah. Because there’s a lot of running around to get through all four major environments of that game.

Yeah. It Yeah. So it’s rough. So you can’t like go for the high ranks and just chill.

So I’m going to bring you along with us, Jenny, for our Resident Evil talk here. This is a very important conversation for me, that has been waiting to happen for about 15 years, because 15 years ago, or so maybe it was a teen. Gene. I don’t remember time. But there was a summer where you basically were living at my house in between college semesters. Yep. Yep. And that summer was when I played Resident Evil four as my first game in the franchise. Yes. So my first hero in Resident Evil was not Chris Redfield, or Jill Valentine or Claire, or Rebecca, or Billy. It was Lee On s Kennedy. And Resident Evil four is where the game started to get a little different, the camera was very different. You’re behind the shoulder, you’re following the character running forward instead of the camera being mounted, and looking down at the room, which is confusing for your brain. But that’s the classic Resident Evil style. And this game is where it got modernized and more action II but still difficult enough to where it’s not an action game yet. Resident Evil 5, I would say is an action game. Yeah. But Resident Evil 4 is my first one. So this remake is taking me back to where I feel like it started. Because I played for many times. And then I played one and two and three. And so now the remakes have gone with two they’ve done three and now four. And I finished it yesterday. And I loved all of the updates that I guess are changes, but it didn’t change anything. It just made things a little bit more epic because yeah, yeah, cuz the GameCube and PS two are not going to do that stuff. Right. You know, the the final battle for instance, Jenny is a very it’s like an infected bio organism, evil priest. That kind of gives me Palpatine vibes now. Oh, yeah. Okay. Because he has mind control because everyone who has this parasite in them, he can control their mind. And, but of course, you remove your parasite near the end of the game, so now you can fight him. And he’s, he sprouts, all these spidery limbs and has eyeballs on all the all the bends in his limbs. And then his uh, his face opens up more than a face should and he has an eyeball in his mouth, too. And the goal is shoot the eyeballs, right? Yeah. And he just looks so much cooler than I remember him looking when I played on the Nintendo Wii. And then you you bust that eyeball. And then there’s this whole other phase where he goes giant and start swinging these giant limbs at you. And you have to do like dodging DDR stuff to not get crushed. Until you’re your friend. Forever, Ada Wong decides to do what she does at the end of the final boss fight in every game. Yeah, that’s Friends Forever, Leon and Ada. So you know, everything is the same, but just more epic. And I loved it. It was so good. Yeah. What did you think Gene about atmosphere and some of the big points for the characters in the story?

I think yeah, atmosphere was everything was fantastic. Because, um, like some of the gameplay updates eliminated some of the well the things I’ve been talking about, like the whole idea of your share them on the face once Yeah, can’t come over and then your knife and 15 times till I die.

Yeah, you don’t have to do that anymore. Because you just knife him in the neck. Right?

But also, you know, they put limits on how you use your knife. You don’t you can’t just knife a guy 15 times until you fully upgrade your knife and get maximum durability. But like now, I mean, now you do epic things but knife parent, you know, someone tries to punch you you can take their whole arm off.

Yeah, yeah, the knife piercing was a really good.

So the idea of you can’t just dominate the crowd with your knife. Like makes it more frantic. It really creates it really amps up the atmosphere of like, it is you Leon against hundreds of these villagers. And it is a frantic struggle. Yeah. Because like if you were really good at their original revenue of four, you could get it down to a science where like I said, Sharon wants kick on now. Yeah. And it becomes a very methodical game.

Yeah, I have it on my, my, my VR headset. And because it’s the original version of the game, you’re exactly right. I never feel like I’m scared because I know how to handle every single enemy. And I’m not going to miss because it’s a VR headset. So it’s, it’s my aim, it’s not even my use of a controller.

And yeah, this game also does something like it also like the technology boost of this game also, like, I first noticed that in the Dead Space remake, when you jump a game, multiple generations like that, just the physics upgrade alone makes it harder because you compare the Dead Space original monsters to the new ones, the new ones, they flail a lot more. And so when you’re trying to like really aim for a certain spot, it is a lot harder to do, compared to the original. And the CANADOS in the remake of four also have that update. They don’t just lumber at you, they are like running, and the running animation makes them sway and stuff.

Yeah, I had that problem as well. And it’s not just horror games, either. If you compare what it’s like to try and be masterful at Super Mario Brothers on the NES, and then you play the New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii U or the switch. Just the way the characters slide and have friction is is different enough that I style all the time in the new ones because I expect for that little pixel at the tip of my toe to to work so that I don’t fall off the cliff, but you fall off the cliff because you need more pixels on the ground. While we were talking I just want to give another recognition. Thank you, Dr. Neil, for the sub to our Twitch channel. It’s very nice.

Yeah. Yeah, another thing was, I thought just the general presentation of the how do we say the flow of the game was a lot more high paced? Just like yeah, um, there’s not the way they made the game flow. There’s never a point in the game where you’re just like, oh, this is our time to relax. And we’ll just meander around. I can I guess I can argue the very last time you enter the castle is right, but it’s not super threatening. But other than that, like, because there were a pole parts in the original where you just like, oh, yeah, it’s time for me to just go backwards and kill some snakes. Kill some chickens for eggs.

Yeah, yeah.

Like, if you follow the plot of this game, like and not do all that sidebar stuff, it feels a lot more narratively cohesive. And you really feel like Hey, Ashley, it’s probably gonna die or transform any zeigen here. We got to we got to do something.

Yeah. They also changed some of the dumb dialogue but still allowed the moments with the dumb dialogue to happen. And I think that was smart. Like ash Ashley No longer is. Her age doesn’t seem to be as questionable about whether she’s a minor or not. I don’t think she is. But also, she doesn’t ask Leon to go have overtime at the end of the game. Which, which is like a

No, no. Like, she actually offers a real job like, Hey, be on my security detail. Like,

Oh, I see this stuff. My brain went a completely different direction with that, but we will not discuss that. On the show. Yeah, wow. So in a three month or four-month stretch, we’ve had two games from that exact summer of our video game friendship, coming back and being part of the PS5 generation. Right. Only Silent Hill to pull is available.

Yeah. And well, we still have to pray that game comes out properly. Because you know, as there are no doubts about that developer. It’s no Capcom or, you know, it was not the original team silent of Konami. It’s it’s Yeah, yeah. Oh, newsletter hands, Team Bloober.

Right. Yeah. Yeah, well, at least for People like me who didn’t play the original because it became abandoned were like at the period of time where I wanted to play it. I don’t have anything to compare it to. So I’m sure I will love it. I mean, after all, I’m okay with the last Jedi now. So anything is possible. Anything’s possible.

I think it’s, I don’t know, it’s hard to force on the Hill to I think it’s gonna be really hard to recapture that lightning in a bottle. Because now, you know, now there’s millions of people and I don’t know, millions. But there’s tons of people that have written papers about that game. This guy’s by psychology at that game? Yeah. So I don’t know if it’ll retain that same magical quality, even if it’s a good game, or, or not. Yeah,

The period of time where we recorded that episode gene, where we talked about Silent Hill two. And then I was still writing my book. And it just happened that I came across a part of The Hero’s Journey, where talking about Silent Hill two would make perfect sense. So you know, even as a knot player, I got in and watched a ton of footage of people playing that game, to the point where, you know, it’s a very important game to the history of video games. Yeah. So whether we get a new version that is great, so that people can think positively about it, or whether we get a new game that is not great. So people can talk about how awesome the old one was. You know, hopefully they finish it and publish it. But there are a lot of games coming up that I’m really excited to talk about on the show. And there’s been a few, a few recent publications and a few, not just peer reviewed. So there’s peer reviewed publications. And there’s also trends and updates to how games are working in recent times that are gonna give us a lot of really neat topics in the next few months. So I think I think it was just really fun to do a random topic generator and talk about with you. Yeah, like the the 30 things that have happened to me in the last 20 days. And then we talked magic a little bit, Jenny, I hope that the rule set doesn’t bury you.

We talked Doug Jones.

We did two episodes in a row, Doug, Mr. Jones, Indiana Jones. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this movie. I don’t know anything about it. The dial of destiny. It comes out in like a month.

I didn’t realize it was it soon. Or two.

Have you seen the Mario movie?

No, not yet.

I was going to see it tomorrow.

I was in France. And we had a busy schedule with trying to do every single ride in the two Disney parks. Oh, wow. It was fun. Actually, you know what our Disney parks are always so overfilled that that kind of goal would be impossible, but we pulled it off. And so many of the rides that we have our version and they have their version their version is always better. Like Space Mountain is a straight up amazing Star Wars ride. Where you like twist through laser bolts. They’re being fired from Thai fighters and X wings. Oh, that’s so cool. In the screen technology is very similar to the screens they use in our Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Epcot. And so you feel like it’s moving around you? And you know, I used to work in Tomorrowland. So I know Space Mountain. Our Space Mountain is just you’re in the dark. It’s rickety. You need a chiropractor? Yes. Yeah. But they’ve closed it down for years at a time and have chosen to only do very superficial things to it. So they preserved it. Yeah. Because chiropractors need to make money in Orlando.

Or for nostalgia.

I think our Space Mountain should become a Star Wars ride? That’s what I’m saying. as well. Yeah. All right

or even I thought the Guardians The Galaxy ride should have been Space Mountain

Oh like just put it in Magic Kingdom bulldoze Space Mountain put Guardians of the Galaxy there.

No Yeah, no the concept of Space Mountain Lions like could have been guardians of Galaxy themed ride.

No, no gotta do Guardians of the Galaxy exactly the way it is in Epcot. That is the best amusement park ride I have ever been on.

No, I mean, I know it’s a good ride, but they could have like doesn’t repurpose the Space Mountain space for that and then have a different ride entirely new.

Okay. I think that the way you’re saying that you might cause people to riot gene.

Space Mountain diehards?

There are so many of them.

Weakest roller coaster out there because it’s meant for five year olds.

Take that five year old podcast anyway.

It’s not a bad ride. I’m the same as a roller coaster. It is very low octane.

Jenny. I love how Gene was like spiraling on this because we push this idea a little bit.

Tomorrowland opened like 50 years ago or

Yeah, the 50th anniversary is over. Yeah. Yep. All right. Well, if these conversations sound fun, and you too are looking for a way to destroy tomorrow and you can check out AIE at aie-guild.org

 Actually, I don’t think they have any beef with Disney or Tomorrowland. But you can find amazing people to play with and that’s what I actually meant to say.

 And I have one last quest for everyone to collect for the day. Keep your topics random and


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